medical tourism
medical tourism

Our Medical Tourism Division has selected the best Hospitals, Natural Healing ashrams, Ayurvedic centers to provide its clients a trouble-free experience and comfortable stay in India while they recoup their Health.

We have tie-ups with many governments in Africa as authorized consultants to support Doctor exchange, Skill enhancement and advanced Training programs.

Our network of Hospitals comprises the best corporate Hospitals, Advanced Medical Institutes and Teaching Hospitals to help doctors and patients anywhere in Africa to connect with Hospitals and Medical Institutes in India.

Our Services include Travel, Visa Processing, Stay and Cure.
We also offer Post treatment recoupment in many tourist destinations such as Goa, Kerala, Tamilnadu, Himalayas, Bhutan etc to sooth the body and soul for a healthy living.

Ayurveda and Naturopathy Treatment India

We offer holistic Ayurveda and Naturopathy Treatment in India in reputed ashrams and Natural Healing centers. Fill up the from below with your details and we will suggest the best center for your requirements, duration of stay and total cost.

Indian Ayurveda and Naturopathy healing is as old as civilization itself. This knowledge is handed down from generation to generation in Guru, Shishya Parampara, i.e. from a Guru to his student through practical teaching and apprenticeship. Natural therapy uses natural elements like sunrays, water, air and natural herbs complemented with natural diet and therapies such as herbs and oils based massage and treated water bath. Naturopathy stimulates the bodies internal defence system to help and aid self-healing. 

Ayurveda treatments opted by clients include.
Hip Bath Spinal Bath
Mud therapy Salt Glow
Rational Hydrotherapy Fasting
Massage Chest Pack
Hot water Bag Steam Inhalation
Spinal pack Acupressure
Aroma oil therapy Magneto therapy

Ayurvedic doctors examine current life style, body condition and body signals (Dosas) such as Vatha (Wind), Pitha (Bile) and Kapha (Phlegm). Balance between these results in good health and imbalance causes disease.

Ayurveda treatments opted by clients include.
Dhara Thailadhara
Purvakarma Panchakarma
Vamana Vasti
Virechana Nasya