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International supply chain is the worldwide system that a business uses to produce and distribute its products or services. Firms create International supply chains because it facilitate entry into new markets, enables business growth and provides firms with access to new technologies through partnerships with foreign firms and stay connected with customers no matter where they are in the globe.

The security of the International trade supply chain has constantly been an increasing concern for the Customs administrators worldwide which has motivated the development of safety programmes in a comprehensive global context.

Due to the changed global security situation, the member state of the World Customs Organization have agreed to a Framework of Standards to Secure and Facilitate Global trade.

The AEO -“Authorised Economic Operator” serves to secure the continuous supply chain from the manufacturer of goods to the final recipient – a kind of certificate of good conduct for a company.

AEO encourages cooperation between Customs and trade for maximizing security and facilitation. It has become a flagship Customs-Business partnership programme for WCO Members as it offers an opportunity for Customs to share its security responsibilities with the private sector, concurrently rewarding them with a number of additional facilitation benefits.

The professionally experience team at NANI will assess and ensure your dependability for the AEO certification on the basis of the following criteria

✔  Your Security team meets the appropriate standards

✔  You adapt with all Customs Legislation & have appropriate record of compliance

✔  You have a satisfactory system of managing commercial records, transport records, which allows appropriate customs controls

✔  Your Accounting Systems satisfy the International standards of Accounting

✔  You have a proven financial solvency

✔  You have set operation procedures and the standards at which they are maintained

Standard Time Taken To Obtain the AEO Certificate

Certification AEO T1 AEO T2 AEO T3 AEO LO
*The time period denotes the cumulatively time taken by Customs for authenticating Statutory and financial compliances, onsite verification, approval by the AEO Programme Manager, and also the delivery of the certification to the applicant.
Certification AEO T1 AEO T2 AEO T3 AEO LO
Time taken to Acquire it Within 30 days after the submission of required documents. Between a period of 90-180 days after the submission of required documents.* Between a period of 90-180 days after the submission of required documents.* Between a period of 90-180 days after the submission of required documents.*
WHY apply for an AEO with NANI International:

We support you in the application process for a successful AEO certification of your company so that you can take full advantage of the benefits.

We hand-hold you through the entire process – from the application to your customs audit.

With NANI you comply with the up-to-date prevailing Customs and legal rules.

NANI authenticates the commercial process and documentation is legally compliant.

NANI validates your Security process of handling, Storage and transportation of your cargo.